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Writings and discussions
about everything from Education to Taxes to Elected Officials and the Weather!

Dr. Karen Hiltz and Susan Mehiel share their experiences, knowledge, research, and opinions in tackling the power structure of "Education Incorporated" and

every aspect of Reclaiming our Culture

Dr. Karen Hiltz

Karen's opportunities have given her experiences she never dreamed she'd have.

Serving in the U.S. Navy at an early age opened doors to living and traveling in many countries. After a career in federal procurement, she taught business courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She served on various boards to include an elected public school board member in Virginia. She continues to work with non-profits that focus on education issues.


These experiences coupled with her love of learning propelled her to where she finds herself today: writing, speaking, and sharing about the state of our current education system and the politicizing of every aspect of life.

We are in precarious times where our society and culture are standing on a crumbling foundation. As a conservative and firm believer in our constitutional republic, it is critical we protect and defend what our founding fathers left us. Her mission in life has become sharing truth that is grounded in faith, integrity, and a desire to be light in the darkness.

May God Bless America!

Susan Mehiel

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Susan grew up in suburban Columbus, OH, the daughter of the morning newspaper editor with politics and current events normal dinner-time discussion.  After graduating from OSU with a degree in Communications in Education, her career plans changed.

Susan parleyed the communications aspect of her degree into a career in Marketing, Market Research and Public Relations.  Years later, she began sharing her knowledge and experiences at conferences and later teaching adult education courses.

She also began lending her PR expertise to nonprofit organizations helping them raise awareness and funds.  Her understanding of progressive movements lead her to help organize opposition to Obama-era Common Core and Regionalism followed by Higher Speed Rail. 

Rekindling her awareness of Progressive trends plaguing our education system, Susan used her organizational and PR skills to fight for traditional education's return to our classrooms and to shut down the takeover or our American Culture.

With God's help and a strong army, we will win this war!


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