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Critical to the future of District 34 and our state

Infrastructure encompasses roads, bridges, airports, railways, water quality, etc., which involves federal, state, and local governments. The state’s responsibility is to support efficient statewide infrastructure while allowing local governments to make the best decisions for their communities.

Florida Department of Transportation

From road widening to expansion for new construction, our district needs a responsive partner in Tallahassee. Endless construction delays and poor communications do not support our district's needs. The increase of people choosing to make District 34 their home requires planning that's efficient and effective.

Higher Speed Rail and it's record of accidents and deaths portends a dark future for our communities. We need a strong voice in Tallahassee to work with FDOT in addressing the safety issues on the Space and Treasure Coasts. Following Senator Mayfield's past work, I will join with other legislators in the region to ensure improvements are made.

Water Quality and our Lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon is the lifeblood of our communities and we must ensure it thrives. If we want to continue supporting everything from the fishing industry to water sports, boating and tourism, the Lagoon must be well managed. We need to coordinate all of the federal, state, regional and local financial resources in order to maintain the lagoon in a financially practical way. As important, we must draw upon the knowledge of water quality experts in the region and state in order to use our tax dollars wisely. Mitigation efforts cannot be done in a local vacuum.

We must also look to the future demands that increased populations require regarding the need for fresh drinking water. Our future is bright as long as we effectively prioritize and manage our financial resources and knowledge base in the area of water quality.

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