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The Taxpayer

Updated: Jan 1

We must hold our elected officials accountable and responsible for the expenditures they make

When we pay our tax bill at the end of each year or when we purchase goods and services of our choosing, we are feeding the beast - government. It is our responsibility to ensure our money is paying for the necessities of sustaining a vibrant community.

Limited government should be an expectation from every citizen. However, too many have become dependent on government for their survival rather than upon self initiative as our founding fathers designed.

Our local governments (county and municipalities) should be promoting business opportunities by eliminating unnecessary regulations, lowering taxes, providing efficient customer service, and making decisions that provide a return on investment for the community.

A thriving community is dependent on individuals having an entrepreneur spirit to create and develop the goods and services that the people demand. We need government to get out of the way and remove the roadblocks that have been laid down over the past several decades.

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